FM Solutions Group Companies

We’ve worked in many parts of facilities management and more for over 17 years.

All our companies share the goal of providing market-leading, affordable, highest quality services that help make the UK a nicer place to live.

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Air conditioning installed, repaired, serviced and cleaned for homes and businesses of all sizes
Solar panel installation, pest proofing, cleaning, maintenance & more in England, Scotland and Wales
Ant, bedbug, bird mite, cockroach, widow spider, flea, mole, mosquito, pigeon, rodent, squirrel or wasp removal
Scaffolding erected & dismantled at a reasonable price by one of the leading scaffolding service providers
Thermal imaging using the latest equipment, in support of our other companies or for unique projects
Air curtains sold online and/or installed by certified professionals for shops, bakeries, offices and more
Roof repairs for any kind of roof on any kind of home anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales
Conservatories are such a popular place for air conditioning that we made a special website